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Fluid Applied Roofing in Kalispell, MT

Protect your property with the most advanced fluid applied roofing system available, expertly installed by our certified Fluid Applied Roofing team. We're your local experts in seamless and durable roofing solutions.

Why Choose Fluid Applied Roofing with a Certified FAR Installer?

Significantly less expensive than TPO and other commercial roofing systems, with lower installation costs and reduced long-term maintenance, offering a superior return on investment.
Fluid roofing offers minimal disruption and speedy installation, five times faster than re-roofing, providing an efficient and fast-curing solution.
Fluid roofing boasts a durable Polyurethane-Acrylic formula and a proprietary fiber-reinforced system, eliminating installation errors.

What is Fluid Applied Roofing?

Fluid roofing is a modern waterproofing solution for flat or low-slope roofs. It involves applying liquid roofing materials directly onto the roof surface to create a seamless, durable membrane that prevents water infiltration. This method is advantageous due to its ease of application, adaptability to complex roof shapes, and resistance to weathering. Fluid roofing is commonly used for new installations, repairs, and roof restoration projects, providing a cost-effective and long-lasting protection solution for buildings. At Brix Systems Roofing, we're certified Fluid Applied Roofing installers, offering tailored and innovative approaches to meet your roofing needs, ensuring long-lasting results and peace of mind.

Fluid Applied Roofing Installation Process

Repair, Prepare & Clean Roof
We thoroughly inspect your existing roof, identifying and addressing any damage or leaks. The surface is meticulously cleaned to ensure proper adhesion of the fluid applied membrane.
Leak-Proof Roof
We reinforce critical areas like seams, penetrations, and flashings with specialized materials to create a watertight seal, preventing any future leaks.
Installation of Fluid Applied Membrane
The FAR liquid membrane is spray-applied in multiple coats, creating a seamless, monolithic barrier that fully adheres to your roof, providing exceptional protection and longevity.

Benefits of Fluid Applied Roofing

Fluid roofing, also known as liquid roofing, involves the application of liquid roof coatings to create a seamless, waterproof membrane over an existing roof surface. Here are some benefits of fluid roofing:
Waterproofing: Fluid roofing creates a seamless membrane, preventing leaks and safeguarding the building from water damage.
Durability: Fluid roofing withstands UV, temperature changes, and heavy rain, extending roof lifespan.
Flexibility: Liquid roof coatings stretch with building movement, preventing cracks and maintaining roofing integrity.
Ease of Application: Fluid roofing is applied with spray, roller, or brush methods, streamlining installation versus traditional materials like shingles or tiles, saving time and labor costs.
Seamless Coverage: Fluid roofing offers complete surface coverage without seams, reducing water penetration and leaks.
Energy Efficiency: Certain fluid roofing coatings reflect sunlight and heat, reducing roof heat absorption. This cuts cooling costs in warm weather and boosts energy efficiency.
Environmentally Friendly: Fluid roofing systems are often low VOC and solvent-free, offering eco-friendly options for repairs. Their long lifespan also cuts down on roof replacements, reducing waste.

Fluid Applied Roofing for Commercial Roofs

Fluid applied roofing offers an innovative solution for enhancing commercial structures. From expansive warehouses to bustling office complexes, this versatile roofing system provides seamless protection against leaks and weather damage. Its adaptable nature allows it to conform to the unique contours of commercial roofs, ensuring reliable coverage even in complex architectural designs. With Brix Systems Roofing, commercial property owners can trust in durable, low-maintenance solutions that safeguard their buildings and investments for years to come.

Brix Systems Roofing:

Fluid Roofing Experts in Montana

With a deep understanding of Montana's unique weather and landscape challenges, Brix Systems Roofing stands as the premier expert in Fluid Roofing Solutions. Our certified team ensures robust and lasting protection for commercial and residential buildings, employing advanced methods and materials tailored to each project. From meticulous installations to comprehensive maintenance, trust Brix Systems Roofing for unparalleled quality and reliability, making us the preferred choice for fluid roofing solutions in Montana.

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