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Discover the perfect blend of durability and aesthetics with our innovative roofing services. Our commitment to excellence guarantees flawless installation and a long-lasting roof.
25 Year Workmanship Warranty
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We now include free gutter cleaning with every type of roofing service!
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Our Roofing Services

Asphalt Roof Shingles
Asphalt shingles are Montana's most popular residential roofing systems. They are very durable, economical and require minimal maintenance. They are a great way to add an attractive appearance to any residential or commercial pitched roof.
Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems
Standing seam is one of the most durable and efficient roofing systems you can install. With its 30 + year lifespan it is a very cost-effective way to add value and style to your home and business.
Roof Repair
Trust us to provide expert roof repair services that will keep your home protected and looking its best. Our team will quickly identify and repair any leaks to prevent further damage to your home.
Roof Installation
We understand the importance of a durable and well-constructed roof to protect your family, belongings, and property. Our skilled and experienced team will work diligently to ensure your new roof is installed efficiently and to the highest standards.
Roof Replacement
Our experienced team provides efficient and professional roof replacement services in Kalispell, Montana, and the surrounding areas, ensuring your home remains secure and protected. If your roof is nearing the end of its expected life, it may be time to consider a roof replacement.
Man on edge of roof roof performing roof maintenance
Roof Cleaning/Maintenance
While most roofing systems require minimum maintenance it is very important to keep dirt and debris from building up on your roof and gutter systems. Dirt and debris build up can greatly reduce the lifespan and appearance of your roof. Feel free to call and set up a customized maintenance program for your home or business!

Your Local Roofer in Kalispell, MT

We're the Right Roofing Company

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Locally Owned & Operated
Our CEO is a firm believer in shopping and investing locally. We treat our customers like neighbors!
Fast Response Times
The Flathead valley lacked responsive roofing companies. Brix Systems fills that need.
Great Warranties
We let our roof work speak for itself by standing by our promises with great warranties. 

Why our customers love working with us

"Brix was awesome to work with!! They did a roof replacement after hail damage. They were patient with us, as we had never filed a claim or worked with our insurance and the process with our bank was not easy either!! They were professional and our roof turned out amazing!! We appreciated working with a local company!"
"Brendan did an awesome job! And was an excellent communicator in what needed to be done and and then getting it done. Really appreciate his P.R. skills and work ethic and very happy with the results."
"Brendan and his crews do excellent work. On time, reliable, and trustworthy."
Jessica Dyer
Integrity Property Management
Avione Heaps
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Austin Skoog

About Brix Systems

The CEO, a true family man, in 2020 founded Brix Systems. He saw a gap in the Kalispell roofing market. The Flathead Valley area lacked a roofing company that would answer the phone and had the resources to start jobs quickly. Most of the other roofing companies would be booked years in advance. He believed the answer to this problem was finding the right people and installing the right processes. 

"Our goal at Brix Systems is to provide a quality product that exceeds industry requirements and stand out by having professional and knowledgeable employees who apply our company's values. Quality customer service to build lasting relationships with my clients and a more personal line of communication with customers."

-Brendan Anderson | Founder 

Brendan Anderson
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We Will Never Try Sell You a new Roof 

If Your Roof Can Be Repaired

There are many roofing companies that will try to sell you a new roof when realistically it can be repaired. This is what separates us from the herd. If your roof has a few wind-blown shingles or loose metal panels but it's only halfway through its life span then you can be sure we will let you know a simple repair can fix it. 

We believe in building relationships over fast money grabs. Getting a thumbs up from you to your neighbor means more than selling a large job. Here are some tips to know if you have a leaking roof.

First, check your ceiling, notice any brown spots on the ceiling? This is a tell-tale sign of a roof leak. Then walk the perimeter of your house and check for any noticeable signs of damage. For example, wind-blown shingles, sagging sections on your roof, or small hail strikes if there was a recent storm. 

The good news is that we offer free roof inspections so after doing your "homework" if you need a professional second option then feel free to reach out!

Frequently asked questions

Should I get a metal or a shingle roof?
The answer depends on your budget. Metal roofs are significantly higher in price whereas shingle roofs are known as the "economical choice". However, metal roofs last longer and bring better curb appeal.
When can you repair my roof?
The Flathead Valley has a notorious lack of roofers. We generally can start the repairs within a few weeks but this depends on the time of the season.
Do you repair or install roofs in the winter?
When the temperatures get near freezing we cannot repair or install roofs. The materials get damaged and do not adhere properly.
Do you do emergency repairs?
Yes, we can come out and tarp your roof if its leaking. This will prevent any further water damage and buy us time until we can properly fix the issue.
Do you do siding as well?
We don't do siding; however, we can recommend a good siding company!
What are your roofing warranties?
Depending on the situation and roofing material, we offer up to a 5 year Workmanship warranty on most new roof installations and 5 year Workmanship warranty on most roof repairs. The manufacturer has a separate manufacturers warranty that ranges from 10 years up to 50 years. 
Can you file a claim with my homeowners insurance company?
Absolutely! If you noticed any signs of wind damage or hail damage from a recent storm, then we can directly work with your insurance company to get your roof repaired or replaced!
Do you re-fasten metal roofs?
Yes we do. Once a metal roof ages, the fasteners (screws) loose their grip. We replace the screws with 1 size longer to ensure the screw fastens correctly.
Do you take check, cash, or cards?
All of the above. Depending on your preferred payment method- we can accommodate you!
Help! What is this dark stain on my ceiling?
It's a good chance that you have a roof leak. Dark stains on your ceiling, around skylights, or light fixtures are the first indication that water is penetrating your roofing system.

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